Welcome to Bodfish, California

and the Kern River Valley – Presented as a public service

“Where the hell is Bodfish?”

a popular T-shirt sold in the area,

and for good reason.

Few of California’s 40 million residents know it exists … and more than a few locals are happy to keep it that way (Bodfish is a 2 3/4 to 3-hour drive from LA; 1 hour from Bakersfield and is at about 2,600 ft elevation).

Some big city folks think the 2,000 Bodfish residents living in its 7.97 square miles are like those in other small cities… rednecks, hoodlums on the lam, introverts, misanthropes, dreamers, and escapees from big cities.

Granted, some such folks inhabit all cities and Los Angeles sure has its share, but the people that I have met in Bodfish over the years have been as pleasant and forthcoming (albeit with an occasional jerk) as those I have met in big cities around the world. I speak with a bit of authority, given that my friends and I have spent time in Bodfish and the Kern River Valley on and off since 1957, and that I have done my share of traveling to foreign lands.

Additionally, Bodfish may have as many guns as any town in Texas (but fewer snakes than on K street in Washington) and, OK, the area isn’t a paragon of diversity, but from many perspectives, the area is a wonderful part of California and of the Old West…and for many locals, Bodfish living beats hectic city life.

Come up and see Bodfish and the surrounding area for yourself…and let me know what you think, good, bad or ugly. Just click on Contact us and email away!…Steve Markoff

P.S. Mosey down on this page for some emergency services and some eclectic information:

Emergency Services:

Notice, The following information may not be entirely current.

Ambulance Service: Kernville: (760) 376-2271; 20 minutes from Bodfish;

Califorina Highway Patrol: Kern County: (661) 824-2408;

Caltrans: The state agency responsible for California highway, bridge, and rail transportation planning, construction and maintenance. Dial 1-800-427-7623 for current highway conditions.

Fire: Lake Isabella Fire Dept: (760) 379-2626; 4500 Lake Isabella Blvd.; Lake Isabella, CA, 93240;

Healthcare: Healthcare in and around Lake Isabella:

Sheriff: Lake Isabella Sheriff’s Department: (760) 549-2100; 7050 Lake Isabella Blvd; Lake Isabella, CA, 93240;

Some Eclectic Information:

Chamber of Commerce, Kern River Valley

Critical thinking videos, 2 to 3 minute videos that explain critical thinking and show sourced and contradicting sides of some important social issues.

Fence Post Country Reader: a monthly Kern Valley newspaper, since 1983; columnists provide news and opinion on local happenings as well as historical abstracts. (661) 867-2906.

Kern River Valley Library: Has computers and internet access for visitor use. 7054 Lake Isabella Blvd., Lake Isabella, CA 93240. (760) 549-2083.

Kern Valley Sun – largest local paper (weekly) exclusively serving the Kern River Valley. Content focuses primarily on local news and features, upcoming events and local sports. 760-379-3667.

KCNQ 102.5: Local FM stattion, “Kern River County”; plays country

KVLI AM 1140: AM News station

KRVQ 104.5: Local FM station, “The River”; plays classic/oldies rock)

ProCon.org: Free service that shows the pros & cons of over 49 controversial issues. ProCon.org is used by teachers in over 5,000 schools in all 50 states and over 65 countries.

U.S. Forest Service, Kernville Office – 105 Whitney Rd., Kernville, CA 93238. (760) 376-3781.

U.S. Forest Service, Lake Isabella Visitor Center – Serving the Kern River Ranger District of Sequoia National Forest (includes Lake Isabella shorelines and campgrounds), it provides recreation information, fire restriction updates, and permits for campfire usage, woodcutting, river activities and wilderness treks. 4875 Ponderosa Dr., Lake Isabella, CA 93240. (760) 379-5646.